Our Services - Unbeatable Prices

Alpha Omega Engineering Inc., offers a wide range of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Use Planning, and Environmental Services. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with local, state, and federal land use agencies to deliver land use permits for our clients in an efficient and timely manner. It is our ability to take a project from the initial data collection and planning stages through design and eventually to construction that keeps our clients coming back.

We understand that the many issues dealing with local zoning, planning, and wetlands regulations can seem somewhat daunting at times. This is where we come in. Our company will always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients understand the steps and measures required to make their project the best it can possibly be.

Civil Engineering Services Include:

  • Commercial Site Development Plans
  • Residential Site Development Plans
  • Hydrology & Stormwater Management
  • Engineered Stormwater System Design
  • Culvert Analysis & Design, Sedimentation
  • Erosion Control Plans, Septic System
  • Design, Sanitary Sewer Design, Utility
  • Layout, Sight Distance Analysis
  • Parking Lot Layout & Design, Traffic Studies
  • Floodplain Analysis, Cuts & Fills Analysis
  • Low Impact Development

Land Surveying Services Include:

  • Property Surveys, Topographic Surveys
  • Perimeter Boundary Surveys, Property
  • Line Delineation & Layout, Construction
  • Staking & Layout Surveys, Zoning Location
  • Surveys, Road As-Built, Property As-Built
  • Floodplain Elevation Certificates
  • Compilation Surveys and Title Search